Local Rules

  • Out of Bounds:  All boundary fences, car parks, green keepers building area and creeks behind No.12 and bordering No. 14 marked by white pegs. Also club house and concrete surrounds.
  • Ball must be dropped 1 club length from all staked trees.
  • Stones may be removed from bunkers.
  • Ball hitting power poles and lines MUST be replayed. No penalty.
  • Ball lying with 2 club lengths of safety screens may be lifted and dropped back - no limit, but keeping pick-up point in line. No penalty.
  • All power poles, sheds, hoses, connections, seats, bridges, tracks and paths are deemed obstructions (Rule 24) - Free Drop. EXCEPTION: Area of bridge over water hazard.
  • Marker tree 135 metres to front of green.
  • Repair all pitch marks and divots.

Marker Pegs -

Lateral Water Hazards RED
Water Hazards YELLOW
Out of Bounds WHITE