Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Results

Saturday May 14th

Grade winners in the medal round played Saturday.

-12; Robin Simms 70 c/b Simon Ross, Dave King 70.

13-18; Pete Marshall 68, Snow Pierce 70, Dave Cockburn, Cameron Miller 72.

19 Plus; Phil Bloomfield 71 c/b Jim Lattimore 71.

Women: Kelly Kenton 72.

Nearest the Pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Dave King. Gluyas Ford #6; Gary Lee. The Fine Lion #12; Jason Mactier. Ace Automotive #16; Snow Pierce.

G & R Seeds 2nd Shot #11; Steve Mealings.

Two’s. Greg Hubbard (2), Dave King, Percy Kelsall, Jason Mactier, Gordy Kenton, Robin Bosson, Dave Cockburn, Snow Pierce.

Net Eagle; # 10 Tony Sheppard.



3 May


Silver: Jenny Harrex 74, Bronze 1: June Bruhns 72, Val Prendergast 69, 9 Hole: Diana Wellman 39.


Val Prendergast 69, June Bruhns 72, Di Bell 79.

9 Hole


Diana Wellman 39 c/b, Nancy Costin 39.

Nearest the Pin: No 2 (2nd Shot) Murray Young Property Broker; Val Prendergast, No 6 (2nd Shot) Sims Bakery; Denise Wells, No 12 Mac & Maggie; Val Prendergast, 16 (2nd Shot) Outdoor Adventure; Barb Harris, Memory Funeral Longest Putt; Di Bell.