Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Results

Saturday May 1st


Leading scores in the stroke round played on Saturday were: Kieron Gray, Rod Harris 70, Jason Mactier, Wayne Ross 71, Roger Bruce, Ton Kittikote, Pete Marshall 72, Bruce Collins 73.

Women: (stroke) Maxine Whiting,77 c/b Maree Moore 77.

Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Gary Lee. Gluyas Ford #6; Alex Roa. The Fine Lion # 12; Maree Moore. Ace Automotive #16; Kevin Bishop.

G & R Seeds 2nd shot #11; Alex Roa.

Two’s; Brent Smith, Alex Roa, Maree Moore. Net Eagles; #14 not struck.

Finalists in the Findlay Cup are Gary Lee and Cameron Miller, Ryan Fahey and Alex Veint. Plate finalists are Kerry Whiting and John Smitheram, Neal Jones and Kevin Bishop.


2BBB/Gross Cups 3 May

Silver: Nicky Webb 79, Bronze 1: Elizabeth Collins 94, Bronze 2: Jill Burrowes 96


Marion Wederell & Jill Burrowes 64, Linda McClea & Marilyn Cross 65 c/b, Kellie Kenton & Dinellie King 65, Bronwyn Flannery & Jenney Harrex 66 c/b, Penny Muff & Jo Gallichan 66, Maxine Whiting & Jacqui Beardsley 67.

Nearest the Pin: #2 (Sliver) Nicky Webb, #6 (B1) Barb MacGregor drawn card, #12 Angela Gerkin, #16 (2nd Shot B2) Ina Divers

2’s – Jo Gallichan, Angela Gerkin, Moana Tekopua, Jill Burrowes.

5 x Lucky Cards

Joan Undy, Trish Crump, Jane Helmore, Maree Moore, Pauline Bell

4 May


Joan Undy 68, Marilyn Bennett 75, Sue Gutsell 76 c/b, Phylis Smith 76.

Nearest the Pin: No 2 (2nd Shot) Murray Young Property Broker; Judith Smith. No 6 (2nd Shot) Sims Bakery; Barb Harris. No 12 Mac & Maggie; Sue Gutsell. No 16 (2nd Shot) Outdoor Adventure; Di Bell. Memory Funeral Longest Putt; Judith Smith.

9 Hole


Judith Smith 38, Nancy Costin 40.