Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Results


September 11th


Leading scores in the stroke round played on Saturday in conjunction with the first round of the club championships Rod Harris, Wayne Ross 70, Bill Mason, Doug Osborn, Brian Rouse, Michael Thomas, Alex Veint 72.

Women: Jenny Harrex 69, Bronwyn Flannery 72, Barb MacGregor 73 c/b.

Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Mark Williams. Gluyas Ford #6; Poko Paraia. The Fine Lion # 12; Simon Ross. Ace Automotive #16; Jenny Harrex.

G & R Seeds 2nd shot #11; Steve Anderson.

Two’s; Roger Bruce, Percy Kelsall, Chris Bell, Jenny Harrex (2).

Net Eagles; #7 Not struck.


September 14


Silver: Jenny Harrex 69, Bronze 1: Barb MacGregor 73 c/b, Bronze 2: Barb Harris 73.


Barb Harris 73 c/b, Joan Undy 73, Mara Kennedy 75.

Nearest the Pin: No 2 (2nd Shot) Murray Young Property Broker; Barb Harris. No 6 (2nd Shot) Sims Bakery; Val Prendergast. No 12 Mac & Maggie; Marion Oakley. No 16 (2nd Shot) Outdoor Adventure; Phylis Smith. Memory Funeral Longest Putt; Carol Shanks.

9 Hole


Diana Wellman 36c/b, Judith Smith 36