Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Results

Saturday April 17th


Leading scores in the par round played on Saturday were: Selwyn Munro 5 up, Trevor Taylor1 up, Sake 1 down, Mike Mably square.

Women: (stroke) Elizabeth Collins 75.

Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Neil Rayner. Gluyas Ford #6; Alec Millar. The Fine Lion # 12; Jacqui Beardsley. Ace Automotive #16 Ray Kirdy.

G & R Seeds 2nd shot #11; Neil Rayner.

Two’s; Neil Rayner.

Net Eagles; #7 Adam Wilson.

Teams progressing through to the second round of the Findlay Cup are Lindsay Jackson and Richard Thompson, Ray and Brent Kirdy, Cameron Miller and Gary Lee, Carl O’Neill and Dave Allan, Rod Harris and Ray Wards, Ryan Fahey and Alex Veint, Paul Hefford and Neil Rayner, Clarrie Whiting and Robin Simms.


20 April


Silver: Di Lowe 73, Bronze 1: Joan Undy 74, Bronze 2: Marion Oakley 76


Di Lowe 73, Joan Undy 74, Emily Wilson 75.

Nearest the Pin: No 2 (2nd Shot) Murray Young Property Broker; Denise Morgan. No 6 (2nd Shot) Sims Bakery; Barb Cochrane. No 12 Mac & Maggie; Di Lowe. No 16 (2nd Shot) Outdoor Adventure; Marilyn Bennett. Memory Funeral Longest Putt; Cath Carr.

Two’s: Marilyn Bennett

9 Hole


Denise Morgan 22, Lesley Glassey 19