Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Conditions of Play Saturday: 8am & 12.30pm Tee Times. Default Day – Sunday all players may start their round from No. 1, 4, 7, 10 or 13 tees. Condition of trophies and matches are on the notice board in the changing room. In the event of adverse weather conditions of the day may be transferred to the Sunday or the following Saturday.


2 New Years Tournament
25 Winter Opening – Mixed American Foursome


1 LGU, 1st Blyth Cup
8 1st Business Women’s Trophy, Stroke
15 Medal
17 Open Pennants
22 2nd Blyth Cup, 1st Weekend Women’s Putting
24 Sliver and Vets Pennants
29 LGU


2 Open Pennants
7 GNZ National Teams $3, (T)
9 Sliver and Vets Pennants
14 Medal, Margaret Mapu Memorial Trophy, 4BBB (own partners), 1st Templer Trophy
15 (Sun) Tinwald v Mayfield at Mayfield TO BE CONFIRMED
15 Weekend Pennants @ Fairlie
16 Open Pennants
21 LGU, Gross Cup, Aotearoa Cup, Coronation Medal, Vets Trophy (70yrs & over as @ 1 March 2019) (Srixon ball) (T)
23 Medal, 2nd Weekend Women’s Putting
28 (Sat) 3500 Tournament
29 (Sun) 3500 Tournament (T)
30 Silver & Vets Pennants


4 Nancy McCormick Foursome 36 holes
6 Open Pennants
12 Jubilee Trophy (Easter Sunday)
18 LGU, 3rd Blyth Cup, 2nd Business Women’s Trophy, 2nd Templer Trophy
19 Weekend Pennants @ Tinwald
20 Silver Pennants
25 (Thurs) Anzac Salver (Mixed and Men American Foursome)
26 Weekend Women’s Pennants


2 Medal, 1st Mary Bovett, 3rd Business Women’s Trophy
3 (Sun) Tinwald Open Tournament 2BBB (T)
4 Open Pennants
9 4th Blyth Cup, 3rd Weekend Women’s Putting
11 Silver Pennants
16 LGU, 3rd Templer Trophy
17 Weekend Pennants @ Geraldine
18 Open Pennants (reserve date)
23 Alice Baker Cup (Grandmothers), Celebration Rosebowl (Non Grandmothers)
25 Silver Pennants (reserve day or final)
30 Medal, 2nd Mary Bovett


6 4th Business Women’s Trophy, 4th Weekend Women’s Putting
8 Pennants (reserve date)
13 LGU, 3rd Mary Bovett
15 Pennants (reserve date)
20 Medal, 5th Blyth Cup
21 Weekend Pennants @ Timaru
27 Drawn Partners (Best combined net)


4 6th Blyth Cup, 5th Business Women’s Trophy
11 LGU, 4th Mary Bovett
18 Medal
19 Weekend Pennants @ Ashburton
25 Eagles Stableford


1 LGU, 1st Lloyd Trophy, 7th Blyth Cup
8 2nd Lloyd Trophy
10 (Mon) Tinwald Teams Tournament (T)
15 Medal, 3rd Lloyd Trophy, 8th Blyth Cup
16 Weekend Pennants (reserve date)
22 Bisque
29 Stroke


5 1st Round Club Championships, Stableford
6 Weekend Pennants (reserve date)
12 2nd Round Club Championships, Stroke
19 Semi Final Club Championships, Pat McLauchlan All Irons
20 Weekend Pennants (reserve date)
26 Final Club Championships
27 Club Day


3 Bradley Trophy
10 Mildred Doak 2 Clubs and a Putter
11 (Sun) 50 and Over Tournament
17 Centennial Trophy
18 (Sun) County Stroke at Ashburton
22 Champion of Champions
24 Stroke
31 Winter Closing (Mixed and Men Combined Stableford)


1 (Sun) Ash Vegas Shootout
3 Prize Giving and Dinner
7 19th Hole Tournament
14 Summer Opening (Drawn Partners 4BBB)
17 Golf Club AGM 8pm


5 Christmas Tournament


2 New Year Tournament
23 Summer Golf Closing (Drawn Partners Combined Stableford)
30 Winter Opening (Mixed and Men 4BBB)