Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


2019 Mens Programme

 This programme is subject to change as unforseen circumstances may occur


6 Medal – Parts Mart Trophy. 1st round Early Bird. 1st Champ. Qualifying
13 Findlay Cup Qualifying – Dennis Leath Memorial (4BBB)
14 (Sun) Pennants
20 TBA
21 (Sun) Jubilee Trophy
25 (Thurs) Anzac Salver and Trophy (Mixed and men American Foursome)
27 1st round Findlay Cup (Top 16 pairs 4 BBB) 1st round Len Bell Memorial
4 2nd round Findlay Cup and Len Bell Memorial.1st round Plate.
11 Semi-finals Findlay Cup and Len Bell Memorial.2nd round plate.
18 Finals Findlay Cup and Len Bell Memorial
19 (Sun) Pennants
25 Medal – Parts Mart Trophy. 2nd round Early Bird. 2nd Champ. Qualifying

1 Captain v President match play
5 (Wed)1st round Alex Robertson Trophy
8 1st qualifying R.S.A. Trophy (Top 16 net) and Plate (next 16 net T
15 2nd qualifying R.S.A. Trophy (Top 16 net) and Plate (next 16 net) Medal – Parts Mart Trophy. 3rd round Early Bird. 3rd Champ. Qualifying T
16 (Sun) Pennants
22 1st round R.S.A Trophy and Plate.1st Round Alan Teale Memorial (best 3 of 4 net rounds from non-qualifiers in R.S.A Trophy and Plate)
23 (Sun) Pennants
29 2nd round R.S.A Trophy and Plate. 2nd Alan Teale Memorial
6 Semi-finals R.S.A Trophy and Plate.3rd Alan Teale Memorial
10 (Wed) 2nd round Alex Robertson Trophy
13 Final R.S.A Trophy and Plate, Alan Teale Memorial
20 Medal – Parts Mart Trophy. 4th Early Bird. 4th Champ. Qualifying 3
21 (Sun) Pennants
27 1st round Doug Gray Trophy (Best 2 of 3 Stableford rounds) (Snow Mann Trophy)
28 (Sun) Pennants
3 2nd round Doug Gray Trophy Eagles Golfing Society Stableford)
7 (Wed) 3rd round Alex Robertson Trophy
10 3rd round Doug Gray Trophy
17 Medal – Parts Mart Trophy. 5th Early Bird. 5th champ. Qualifying T
18 (Sun) Pennants
24 Medal -
25 (Sun) Pennants
31 1st round Championships 

1 ( Sun) Pennants Semi-Finals
7 2nd round Championships
8 (Sun) Foodstuffs Trophy v Ashburton at Tinwald
14 Semi-finals Championships
15 (Sun) Pennant Finals
21 Finals Club Championships
22 (Sun) Club Day
28 Stroke – Ash Vegas shoot out qualifier

5 Medal - Parts Mart Trophy
9 (Wed) Battle of the Bridge at Ashburton
12 Centennial Trophy
13 (Sun) 50 and Over Tournament (Men and Women stroke)
19 Tba
20 (Sun) County Stroke at Ashburton
23 (Wed) Battle of the Bridge at Tinwald
26 Winter Closing (Mixed and men combined stableford)

2 Summer Opening (Drawn Partners 4BBB)
9 19th Hole Tournament

10 (Sun) Ash Vegas Shoot Out
16 1st round Summer Trophy (Men) C.J Trophy (Women) Summer Championships
19 (Tues) Golf Club AGM 8.00pm
23 1st round LJP Trophy (Stableford), 1st round Four Square Cup & Thompson Cup (Mixed combined stableford)
24 Ambrose
30 TBA

7 Christmas Tournament
14 Lynne Trophy (Par)
21 2nd round Summer Trophy, CJ Trophy and Championships
28 TBA

January 2020
2 (Tues) New Year Tournament
4 2nd round LJP Trophy
11 3rd round Summer Trophy, CJ Trophy and Championships 2nd round Four Square Cup and Dobson Cup
18 Summer Closing (Drawn Partners combined Stableford)
25 Winter Opening – Mixed and Men 4BBB.