Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Draw

The draw for the second round of the championships and first round plate to be played on Saturday September 18th .The following have a bye; D Osborn, Clarry Whiting, A Pawsey.

Non-qualifiers will have a stroke round starting at 8am and 12.30 pm.

Players please report at least 15 minutes prior to starting times

No 1 Tee

12.30   N Heney v S Ross                    G Hubbard v R Stills

12.36   J Smitheram v G Kenton          J Mactier v D King

12.42   P Kelsall v B Smith                  N Wilson v P Marshall

12.48   A Wilson v A Barrie                 J Naish v R Feutz

No 10 Tee

12.30   N Rayner v K Bishop                N Jones v K Whiting

12.36   B Collins v C Morrow                M Sandrey v C Meyrick

12.42   L McCormick v A Anderson       P Nolan v W Scott

12.48   R Bruce v W Morrison

No 7 Tee

12.30   B Peddie v P Boon                   A Roa v T Tuakeu

12.36   S Cowie v S Scott                    P Paraia v K Greenaway

12.42   P Summerfield v R Fahey         C Whiting v G Rennie

12.48    S Anderson v P Hefford           R Simms v J King

No 13 Tee

12.30   C Bell v L Moore                      R Wards v K Gray

12.36   W Mellish v R Preece               J Moses v J Lattimore

12.42   B O’Brien v A Bec

Starters; am B Collins, pm L Jackson. Committee. House;


21st September.

Championship match play. Stroke for all others including 9 holes.

Report 9.00 for for 9.30 start.

Starters J. Bruhns D. Morgan

Cards D. Bell I. Divers

Kitchen J. Undy

Roster convenor J. Bruhns