Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Draw


The draw for President v Captain match play to be played on May 30th will be at the clubhouse for 8am and 12.30pm starts.

Players are asked to report at least 15 minutes prior to these times


Starters am B Collins, pm P Marshall. Cards; Committee. House; A Barrie


2nd June

Medal 1st Foundation Cup 2nd Twilighters

3rd Norma Bradford Putting

Report 9.30 for 10.00 start.

No 1

10.00 D. Bell C. Linney

10.05 B. Cochrane M. Moore

No 10

10.00 S. Gutsell B. Harris M. Kennedy

10.05 M. Smith I. Divers M. Oakley

No 13

10.00 P. Smith M. Bennett D. Lowe

10.05 J. Undy J. Bruhns V. Prendergast

9 Holes

No 1

10.10 S. Young N. Costin D. Morgan

10.15 J. Early J. Smith D. Wellman

No 7

10.00 H. Hargreaves M. Colville D. Wells

Starters B. Cochrane D. Morgan

Cards P. Smith K. McAuliffe

Kitchen M. Moore

Draw steward J. Bruhns