Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Draw

Draw for the Christmas Stableford to be played on Saturday December 4th.

# 1 Tee
8.00     L Jackson, S Munro, E Collins, L Bell

# 10 Tee
8.00     J Mactier, D Rush, A Anderson,
8.06     B Rouse, C Bell, A Hill W Ross

# 1 Tee
12.30   P Hefford, C Miller, A Barrie, P Kelsall.
12.36   P Marshall, N Connelly, P Natua, R Simms
12.42   G Rennie, A Pierce, N Rayner, C Whiting,
12.48   B Collins, W Scott,

# 7 Tee
12.30   A Roa, E Kelsall, R Tare, D Paulo,
12.36   A Pawsey, D Green, D Osborn, W Morrison

# 13 Tee
12.30   V Prendergast, P Preece, M Moore, T Tekopua,
12.36   R Bruce, S Kircher, P Ranson, R Wards

# 10 Tee
12.30   J Peacock, B MacGregor, D Bell, C Kinita
12.36   S Newman, J Harrex, S Lane, J Undy

12.42   J Bruhns, M Kennedy, B Harris, J Beardsley

Players are requested to report 15 minutes prior to these times.

Starters; am B Collins pm B Collins Cards Committee.House; Committee


23rd November

Summer golf starts

Report 9.00 for 9.30 start

Any Queries to B. Cochrane or D. Bell