Tinwald Golf Club

Frasers Road, Tinwald


Club Draw


Draw for the 1st round of the Findlay Cup to be played to be played on Saturday April 21st.

Other players will play a stroke round

Players are asked to report 15 minutes prior to tee off times.

No 1 Tee

12.30, C Hart, W Scott, v, R Harris, L Johnston

12.36, R Thompson, L Jackson, v D Green, N Connelly

12.42, P Marshall, A Pierce, v, B Smith, W Smith

12.48, T Reynolds, S Anderson, v, G Kenton, D King

No 10 Tee

12.30, S McCloy, B Rouse, v, P Summerfield, M Banks

12.36, K Gray, W Mellish, v, C Whiting, R Simms

12.42, D Allan, M Beach, v, A Barrie, J Hewitt

12.48, R Bruce, G Rennie, v, N Rayner, B Collins

  Starters; am B Collins, pm S Newman, E Collins. Cards S Anderson.House; S Moore




24th April

Nancy McCormick Foursome

Stroke round for those not playing Nancy McCormick

 No 1

8.30 J. Undy & C. Linney M. Bemmett & V. Prendergast

8.35 S. Gutsell & D. Bell M. Kennedy & J. Bruhns

8.40 J. Vander Heide & K. McAuliffe B. Cochrane & B. Harris

No 1

9.30 C. Shanks L. Bird K. Young

No 10

9.30 I. Divers M. Moore B. Jackson

No 13

9.30 S. Lane D. Lowe T. Clarke V. Cartney

9 Holes Stroke

No 1

9.35 B. Irvine M. Colville S. Young

9.40 D. Mitchell J. Smith B. O’Neill

9.45 M. Pawsey D. Morgan D. Ellery L. Glassey


Starters C. Shanks L. Bird

Cards D. Lowe M. Moore

Kitchen I. Divers

Draw steward J. Bruhns